ARC Light Metals

ARC Centre of Excellence Design in Light Metals

Welcome to ARC Light Metals – We Provide Information and Engage in Research that Improves Metal Quality

We are a team of researchers whose backgrounds extend across different areas of technology. We conduct focused scientific investigations into new methods and technologies needed to improve the quality of metal. The purpose of this is to spearhead a cosmic transformation in the space of light metal development.

Metals with greater qualities obviously translate into newer possibilities for the world of inventions and discoveries. It is so that the engineering can become a field with wider capacities that our organisation strives to expand metallic capabilities.

ARC Light Metals views interaction with diverse interests as a key to unlocking new opportunities. We establish mutually beneficial agreements between people from different interest field. In turn, this allows us to improve our outputs further. An exchange of information is critical to propelling growth in both sides. So, we see to do this by embarking on knowledge transfer initiatives that can further our goals.

Our Research Interest

Our research interest cut across the following categories.

Alloy Design and Processing

Alloys are a vital area of metalworking and as such, require that they are critically considered to produce the best results. We research to discover new techniques for alloying. This involves a systematic approach to the specific processes used in the development of alloyed metals. The intent is to ensure sustained quality of metals churned out of the industries.

The purpose of the research is also to draw fresh insights into the efficient creation of alloy metals.


Hybrid Materials

There is no doubt that our needs are constantly evolving. This is the same as the needs for alloy material. In turn, with this increasing and evolving needs comes the necessity for new approaches to solving the issue. One industry that has been significantly affected by this is the alloy industry. Today there is a change in demand, and orthodox materials are finding it hard to meet existing needs. This is where hybrid materials come in.


Surface Engineering

There is no doubt that there is an increased demand for alloy materials today. In turn, it has placed more burden on the industry to continually produce quality materials that can meet the needs of end-users. In turn, we continue to centre our research on innovations and advancement that can ensure that the industry can meet this increasing demand without any drop in quality. One aspect of this production that becomes relevant is surface engineering.


Our Partner’s

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There is no doubt that the functionality of alloy design is integral and vital during their development. With the development of new technologies, there is an increasing need to apply these technologies to improve the functionality of alloy designs. One core aspect of ensuring the functionality of these alloy is guaranteeing their durability. This is extremely important to ensure that these materials do not rust and can continue to deliver the necessary result that is necessary.