Metals are an indispensable item in everyday life, a fact that is more obvious now than it has ever been before. In the days of the second industrial revolution, metals formed the core of major inroads to economic development. The railroads and the coaches could not have found their intense appetite for mobility without the use of metals. This understanding of the centrality of metals to everyday life is what drives us at the ARC Light Metals.

We are a team of researchers whose backgrounds extend across different areas of technology. We conduct focused scientific investigations into new methods and technologies needed to improve the quality of metal. The purpose of this is to spearhead a cosmic transformation in the space of light metal development.

Metals with greater qualities obviously translate into newer possibilities for the world of inventions and discoveries. It is so that the engineering can become a field with wider capacities that our organisation strives to expand metallic capabilities.

Our Members

For the dream of improvement to be achieved, we consider it a universal truth that people must come together to work towards that common goal. A smart person is very capable of coming up with an idea, but his idea invariably becomes more excellent when he liaises with other people to improve it.

In consideration of this, we reached out to induct people of similar interests and professional competencies into our team. A mix of their different personalities is a surefire recipe for viewing things from diverse perspectives and thinking in equally diverse angles outside of the box. This is a great way to spur creativity.

Our team consists of experts across multiple disciplines who so far have pushed us nearer to our goal with relentless vigour. If anyone were to come looking for the secret treasures of the ARC, we can guarantee that he would be making a mistake to look in file cabinets, because they sit right at our tables — alive, and conscious, and dedicated.

Our Values

We take the creation of quality as the core reason for founding this organisation. We do not regard as acceptable anything which falls short of that. It is a breathing ideal at our centre that outputs must fit the purposes for which they have been created and as such, the necessary work must be out into it. Our staff abide by this mantra as well, and they equally transmit their zeal into that goal.

We also hold it a core value that we view innovation as an exciting adventure from our end. We encourage our team to go out actively to discover new prospects and invent smashing possibilities. This is all with an intent to ensure that we never lack in awesome ideas to put forward.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the capabilities of the engineering space through advancement in light metal qualities. We intend that this make a direct reflection upon global development. This is even more so as metals form the crux of many groundbreaking advances. We have positioned ourselves to ensure that as it does so, it does it default in its responsibilities. This means that it must be one hundred per cent qualitative and no less.