Guaranteeing Durability

There is no doubt that the functionality of alloy design is integral and vital during their development. With the development of new technologies, there is an increasing need to apply these technologies to improve the functionality of alloy designs. One core aspect of ensuring the functionality of these alloy is guaranteeing their durability. This is extremely important to ensure that these materials do not rust and can continue to deliver the necessary result that is necessary.

At ARC, we are constantly researching into new ways and technologies to ensure that we can guarantee the environmental durability of new alloys. We fully recognise that their durability is essential as we drive towards quality production. In turn, as an institute, we are constantly looking for new ways that allow us to guarantee the durability of the alloy getting produced.

Our research is not restricted to just the development of the alloys. Instead, our research extends to the various coatings that ensure that new alloys can meet the needs of the community in terms of quality. We understand that these alloys do not just need to be unique concerning their necessary properties.

We also recognise that these alloys need to be able to fit into the respective environment where they are needed without degrading. With this in mind, through our Corrosion Team, we engage in considerable research that sees to the achievement of this. We ensure that the various alloys can withstand and survive in an environment where they get used. 

Our corrosion team not only has considerable expertise and experience on the subject matter. However, it also has strength in numbers. We are one of the largest teams in Australia.

In turn, our combination of quality and quantity ensures that we can produce the desired results that meet the needs of the industry. Our work as a team covers a wide range of areas. These areas include corrosion protection and corrosion. Our activities also extend to the fundamentals like electrode kinetics and electrochemistry. 

We are experts, and our expertise covers the following areas:

  • The relationship between corrosion and microstructure. We undertake our research into these areas using state of the art technology across our institutes
  • We also study localised corrosion on both the micro and nanoscale 
  • Our expertise covers advanced electrochemical analysis 
  • Various long term exposures like Salt-Spray
  • Conversion electroplating and coatings. Our expertise on this issue also extends to other associated technology. This includes bath chemistry, pretreatments, and industrial implementation
  • Microstructure modelling, damage modelling, thermodynamic predictions, and chemical modelling

We are constantly developing ourselves in these various areas. Even more, we continue looking to expand our area of expertise to cover more important, relevant, and emerging issues that concern the corrosion of alloys. Our goal is to ensure that we can contribute to creating a wide range of alloy materials that will not easily corrode when fitted into an environment. As with every of our research, it is industry-leading and continues to change the landscape.